Guess The Emoji Level 20 Answers

Here are the answers to guess the emoji level 20.
Guess the Emoji Level 20-1 – question mark, question mark and down arrow – what lies beneath
Guess the Emoji Level 20-2 – banana, broken heart – banana split
Guess the Emoji Level 20-3 – kiss, make up, shoe and statue of liberty – sex in the city
Guess the Emoji Level 20-4 – alien, rocket – UFO
Guess the Emoji Level 20-5 – mushroom, start, man and man – Mario brothers
Guess the Emoji Level 20-6 – man, V/S, women and gun – Mr and MRS Smith
Guess the Emoji Level 20-7 – corn, nut and nut – corn nuts
Guess the Emoji Level 20-8 – key, two and heart – key to my heart
Guess the Emoji Level 20-9 – dollar sign, 100 – Benjamin Franklin
Guess the Emoji Level 20-10 – omelette, tea, donut and club – breakfast club

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  1. Jennie

    It is sex and the city because of the fact there is only one I And there is 3 blanks where the in should be

  2. Sandra

    can not find the answer to the one with a girl, magnifing glass and the world for level 20? it is not listed.

  3. Annie Cimon

    i need help with one. its three pictures, a girl, and magnifying glass and a globe level 20 if you guys have seen this one please help. thanks.

  4. Sarah

    These were helpful, however the first one wasn’t on here.

    For those of you who are stuck on: A girl, a magnifying glass, and Earth – its “Dora the explorer”

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