Guess The Emoji Level 20 Answers

Here are the answers to guess the emoji level 20.
Guess the Emoji Level 20-1 – question mark, question mark and down arrow – what lies beneath
Guess the Emoji Level 20-2 – banana, broken heart – banana split
Guess the Emoji Level 20-3 – kiss, make up, shoe and statue of liberty – sex in the city
Guess the Emoji Level 20-4 – alien, rocket – UFO
Guess the Emoji Level 20-5 – mushroom, start, man and man – Mario brothers
Guess the Emoji Level 20-6 – man, V/S, women and gun – Mr and MRS Smith
Guess the Emoji Level 20-7 – corn, nut and nut – corn nuts
Guess the Emoji Level 20-8 – key, two and heart – key to my heart
Guess the Emoji Level 20-9 – dollar sign, 100 – Benjamin Franklin
Guess the Emoji Level 20-10 – omelette, tea, donut and club – breakfast club

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  1. Jennie

    It is sex and the city because of the fact there is only one I And there is 3 blanks where the in should be

  2. Sandra

    can not find the answer to the one with a girl, magnifing glass and the world for level 20? it is not listed.

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