Guess The Emoji Level 19 Answers

Here are the answers to Guess The Emoji level 19.
Guess the Emoji Level 19-1 – skull, gun and knife – lethal weapon
Guess the Emoji Level 19-2 – hair cut, lipstick and dress – makeover
Guess the Emoji Level 19-3 – books, bag – book bag
Guess the Emoji Level 19-4 – tree, fire – forest fire
Guess the Emoji Level 19-5 – running, lady – runaway bride
Guess the Emoji Level 19-6 – car, theatre and masks- drive in theatre
Guess the Emoji Level 19-7 – ruler, books- rulebook
Guess the Emoji Level 19-8 – sound, music- sound of music
Guess the Emoji Level 19-9 – turtle, punch, sparks and pizza – ninja turtles
Guess the Emoji Level 19-10 – aeroplane, USA flag and one – air force one

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  1. John

    18. Theater/theatre: The former spelling is preferred in American English, though the latter form sometimes appears in proper names.

  2. leilani

    watever it dosent matter just try it both ways and shut the hell up already!!!! nobodys perfect!!!! Damn Lames -.-

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