Guess The Emoji Level 16 Answers

Here are the answers to Guess The Emoji level 16.
Guess the Emoji Level 16-1 – syringe, tomato and juice – bloody mary
Guess the Emoji Level 16-2 – eyes, line – eye liner
Guess the Emoji Level 16-3 – statue of liberty, police – NYPD
Guess the Emoji Level 16-4 – syringe, wrinkled face, arrow mark and pretty face – botox
Guess the Emoji Level 16-5 – stop, hen – Hancock
Guess the Emoji Level 16-6 – bear, hot – bear grylls
Guess the Emoji Level 16-7 – sleeping, insect, bug, insect – bed bug
Guess the Emoji Level 16-8 – watch, two guys – watchmen
Guess the Emoji Level 16-9 – pin, face – pin head
Guess the Emoji Level 16-10 – heart, club, beer and night – poker night

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  1. Haleema

    I think that this game is good but as another individual said above, it is also American so it gets a bit confusing cause when there is a word like mom it’s actually mum and football in the uk is actually known as soccer in America! So yeah confusing lol! It is ok, yeah! Lol jersey rules! :):):):):) :p <3

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