Emoji Pop level 5 Answers

Here are the answers to Emoji Pop level 5.
Guess the emoji
Emoji Pop Level 5–75 – A yellow icon with its teeth showing, A person wearing a yellow helmet with a green medical cross on it – Dentist
Emoji Pop Level 5–76 – A magnify glass, A blue and yellow fish – Finding Nemo

Emoji Pop Level 5–77 – A Japanese flag, A cartoon bomb that has been lit, An American flag, A ship – Pearl Harbor
Emoji Pop Level 5–78 – A man on a bicycle, An arm flexing – Lance Armstrong
Emoji Pop Level 5–79 – A red icon with three waves, A cloud of smoke going sideways, A red balloon – Hot Air Balloon
Emoji Pop Level 5–80 – The head of the Statue of Liberty, A newspaper – New York Times
Emoji Pop Level 5–81 – A bicycle, The French flag – Tour De France
Emoji Pop Level 5–82 – An Italian flag, A red car, A bag with a dollar sign on it – Italian Job
Emoji Pop Level 5–83 – A star, Money with a gold band around it – Starbucks
Emoji Pop Level 5–84 – A French flag, A green tennis ball – French Open
Emoji Pop Level 5–85 – A microscope, A mouse – Lab Rat
Emoji Pop Level 5–86 – A pig, A building with BK written on it, A black dollar sign – Piggy Bank

Emoji Pop Level 5–87 – A black pen, A person with brown hair, A person with blonde hair – Pen Pals
Emoji Pop Level 5–88 – An orange drink with a green lime on it, A sun – Tequila Sunrise
Emoji Pop Level 5–89 – A martini glass, A glass with a lime on the side, A gold party hat with ribbons, A red balloon – Cocktail Party
Emoji Pop Level 5–90 – A candy wrapper, A red apple – Candy Apple
Emoji Pop Level 5–91 – Ice cream in a cone, A truck with a green back – Ice Cream Truck
Emoji Pop Level 5–92 – A lock, A white box with a red arrow pointing up – Locked Out
Emoji Pop Level 5–93 – An orange leaf, A pig – Canadian Bacon
Emoji Pop Level 5–94 – A green Shamrock, A Goldstar – Lucky Star
Emoji Pop Level 5–95 – A Sunflower, An orange icon with VS written inside, Two red foot prints, A skull – Plant Vs. Zombies

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